Ferris Documentation

Command List



The help menu for Ferris.


Find information on a user or yourself.


Invite Ferris to your own Discord Server.


Check if Ferris can respond and see your message.


Get the bots privacy policy.


Create a role that has no permissions.


Delete a role.


Give a role to a member.


Remove a role from a member.


Toggle the hoist property of any managable role.


Edit a roles color.



Ban a given member with a reason.


Kick a given member with a reason.


Remove a given amount of messages.


Mute a user by giving them an assigned role.


Assign the role used to mute members.


Unmute a member.


Warn a member.


List a users infractions.


List a users infractions.



Set the channel used to log.


Temporarily stop logging.


Start logging.



Set/get the prefix for your server.



Automatically gives a role to new members that join the discord server.