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Ferris is a high-caliber Discord bot created to secure and manage Discord servers of all sizes. Protect your members today.

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A better way to manage your community

Our web panel is faster than light. Manage members, commands, and rules all within our very own control panel.

Information comes first

The control panel updates data in real-time. Any time the rules change, or information is needed from the bot the web panel will reflect the current state of your community.

Security First
All of our commands are tied to Discord permissions for easy use.
Build a platform
Ferris offers a number of utilities for you to work on building a better community.
Responsive Developers
Join the Ferris Support Discord Server to contact the developers of Ferris.

Always in the loop

Ferris' info is accurate, and always up to date. Its fast and secure networking allows you to talk to the bot instantly and stay up to date on member's information.

Instant Reports
Ferris will handle and manage user reports. It's punishment system and member management systems allow you to manage users all from within the panel.
ModMail Coming Soon!
Give users the power to contact and report malicious actors directly into the bot.

“While Ferris is a fairly new bot, its proven to be very helpful in server management. Of course there is always room for improvement, but the overall features and commands have made it easier to moderate servers.”

Owner of Yyummy!

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